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EasyBitez.ro turns cooking into a basic and sustainable knowledge

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Two younger men and women, pupils and entrepreneurs, have introduced a enterprise that combines a healthier life-style with a connoisseur method to every day meals and passion for cooking. So, by way of EasyBitez.ro, they supply clean elements, completely ready weighed and numbered, collectively with the corresponding recipe, so that everyone can appreciate meals like at a restaurant, at dwelling. Business people estimate that this one of a kind idea will create over 200 orders per thirty day period and a turnover of EUR 65,000 soon after the 1st 12 months of procedure.


Vlad Camarsaoiu (21 several years aged) and Luca Oriță (20 years previous), former superior faculty colleagues who are at the moment studying business enterprise administration in Netherlands, respectively pc science in British isles, took gain of the improvements introduced by the pandemic in the use behaviour of Romanians and launched EasyBitez.ro. A vacation spot for Romanians passionate about cooking, but also a hectic program, who do not have time to shop at the grocery store, the web site gives the probability to order elements primarily based on a recipe delivered with them.

The system is extremely simple. You pick out what you want to take in from a multitude of recipes on the site, for how several folks you want the food to be, and we provide the recipe – which is developed and tested by skilled cooks – and the elements currently weighed and numbered in purchase of use. This optimizes the planning time and avoids foods waste, everything currently being ready accurately for the quantity of folks indicated by you. No time squandered hunting for the perfect recipe, no trips to the grocery store, no weighing components, reported Vlad Camarasoiu, co-founder of EasyBitez.ro.

Officially, the organization was launched in September, following a interval of implementation, tests and optimization of the operational flow of 7 months. The 1st orders appeared right away, and at present an ordinary of 50 orders are registered for each month.

The accessible deals are Solitary or Relatives style and supposed for 2, 4 or 7 times. Deliveries can be manufactured each and every Tuesday or Saturday, and alternatives involve also vegetarian recipes. All are divided throughout planning, and the degree of problem is easy-medium, so that the recipes are accessible to any classification of buyers, no matter of their experience in the kitchen area.

The busiest day so far is Saturday, and the most ordered is the Spouse and children Box deal for 4 times, ie 16 servings. The most well-liked recipe is Poke Bowl, a dish with Hawaiian influences. On common, shoppers put two orders / month, and their regular benefit is RON 250-300.

Given the current context, our consumer is a particular person who values ​​the high quality of his spare time, he needs to keep away from heading to the grocery store. The expertise of cooking and the point that you know particularly what elements you use, is what differentiates us from any other alternative on the market place. Foodstuff delivery and everyday eating continue being element of day to day lifestyle, but we also offer a way to devote no cost time in a pleasant way, aiming at a wholesome and sustainable life-style that avoids waste, Vlad Camarasoiu also specified.

For next calendar year, EasyBitez.ro founders aim to achieve an normal degree of 200 orders / month and access a turnover of EUR 65,000 by the close of 2022. Entrepreneurs also want to broaden the job nationwide, attracting for this move an expense that can assist the advancement of the logistics process.

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